The Little Mills

Once the restoration of the post mill was completed, our team started to look around for something else to do!

Wind Pump
The Glynde wind pump

In 2007, a wind pump was rescued from its original position in East Sussex near Glynde, where it had been mouldering since falling into disuse. In its heyday, we believe that it had been used to pump floodwater from a kiln. It was made from spare bits of timber and was a workhorse rather than a thing of beauty.

Nevertheless, our team built new sails and installed a pump. The pump is of the same design that was used to pump water from the trenches of northern France during the First World War. Like the big mill, it is a post mill, but the post is hollow. It contains a crankshaft which connects the turning sails to the pump.

Today, it can often be seen turning in the wind and pumping water.

Wind Engine

The wind engine also pumps water, but the design is much more modern – probably the 20th century. The tail automatically adjusts the position of the vanes to the wind. They are very sensitive to every breeze.

Wind Generator

We are proud of the wind generator. In 2019 it was hooked up to a set of LED lights. Now, when the wind is strong enough, it lights up the LEDs.  If all six are alight, the wind is very strong.

The Granary
The granary mounted on its stedall stones

The Granary was rescued from a farm in East Sussex and brought here on a lorry. It was a bit of a squash on moving day, coming up Bost Hill. It is mounted on concrete posts called stedall stones. They prevent vermin from entering. The steps fold up and inwards, for the same reason.