About us

High Salvington Mill Trust Ltd

Registered in England, Company Number 4199780

Registered Charity Number 1090637

Registered Office:
12, Furzeholme,
Worthing, West Sussex  BN13 3BS

Directors & Company Secretary

Jeffrey Best (Acting Company Secretary)
e-mail: secretary@highsalvingtonmilltrust.co.uk

Hazel Marsden (Treasurer)

Andy Campbell (Secretary)

Paul Minter (Co-chair and Membership)

Mel Wickett (Catering)

Tim Wickett

Lucy Brooks (Co-chair and Guide Organiser, newsletter and publicity)

Councillor Richard Nowak

Chris Lipscombe

Elizabeth Sparkes

Julie Gaskell (Fete organising committee member)

Directors’ Committee Meetings

Meetings are held every three months and more frequently where necessary. Currently, all meetings are held online.

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